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Find out what these Seniors have to say about
their Carlson's Senior Portraits and Sessions!

It was fun and really easy to feel comfortable! For what you get, it was a really good deal, especially comparing to other studios. Carlson's had a ton more options than anywhere else. It was really fun and I would recommend it to next years juniors. The staff at Carlson's was great I had a great time! ~Val Eddy, Letchworth

They do a great job and can be trusted! Great Variety! ~Ian Paddock, Warsaw

I think that Carlson's takes the most time in taking/ preparing the images and you have a lot of variety. Its a lot of FUN! The prices are very reasonable and you definitely
get your money's worth! The studio takes its time, and really cares about how your portraits turn out. It was fun talking all the random shots and the photographer will go along with all your crazy ideas. The staff was very helpful and honest in helping you choose the best pictures/poses. ~Angela Larmon, Oakfield-Alabama

I loved all the pictures taken outside. Wonderful! Couldn't believe the variety of poses! A great way to spend a wonderful, sunny day! Very nice value! ~Jason Lowden, Letchworth

I saw a lot of Carlson's work on-line and in the yearbook
and I thought they were awesome! I really liked all the outdoor backgrounds, especially the broken glass, beach
and dock/pond! I had a fun and enjoyable time! ~Heather Barton, Letchworth

I thought the studio was very welcoming and comfortable. It had many options and everyone was very friendly. I felt they were very awesome pictures for great prices! ~Rachel Panepinto, Batavia

I didn't even look at other studios I knew I was going to Carlson's! I had a lot of fun and I really liked how I could choose how I wanted the pictures to look with all their amazing special effects. The staff was great they all made me feel very comfortable! ~Jade C. Scott, Letchworth

A Great Experience! ~Chelsea Meyers, Attica

Great! Lots of variety and places to shoot -- Awesome outdoor props! It was a great experience! MORE for your money. I had a lot of fun! Kevin is a great photographer and easy to work with. The staff was very helpful if they could put up with me! ~Alexandria L. Maker-Weipert., Mt Morris

Professional, friendly, very orderly, did a great job. Very relaxed atmosphere. They are wonderful!! ~Ann Pokornowski, Batavia

I really liked the portraits from Carlson's and had heard great things from many people. There was truly not one thing I didn't like! More variety in backgrounds! Great staff! I LOVED IT! I was extremely nervous; however, the staff made me feel comfortable! They was very helpful and attentive! I was impressed! ~Rebecca Templeton, York

Wonderful, cheerful, wide-variety. Not hurried took a lot of time. Many great shots! Been here many times - have always been satisfied! Never gone anywhere else! Kevin did a great job making me feel at ease. The staffs input was appreciated when it came to making my selections. ~Chris Loomis, Letchworth

Recommended by friends, great location! Very comforting and welcoming! ~Tony Parker, Letchworth

Very friendly atmosphere! Great Experience! ~Lindsay Zanett, Leroy

Great variety of props! Lots of portrait options to choose from! Saw so many different backgrounds at Carlson's. Difficult to choose from all the great images! Everyone was so nice and helpful. ~Kaitlyn Englerth, Leroy

The staff was great. Very laid back but still professional. I enjoyed it! ~Vincent Eschenlauer, Attica

Great staff! Gave me a feeling of pride and I couldn't wait to show my friends my portraits! We got twice as much for the money as some of my friends at the same price. Carlson's was a lot more personal! One of the greatest experiences I have ever had! ~Samantha Stein, Cal-Mum

Terrific! Kevin was very professional and skilled! The session was outstanding and the staff was incredibly helpful! I loved my special session at Letchworth Park! ~Jayni Hasler, Casa Grande Union HS

My family has always come to Carlson's. We LOVE it! We love the personal touch! The session was awesome and everyone was great! ~Ronnie Kleinbach, Batavia

I had a lot of fun at Carlson's, it was an exciting experience! ~Caitlin Cima, Pembroke

Good location, very helpful staff! Did a wonderful job scheduling around our hectic schedules! The variety of poses and backgrounds was great! ~Kelley Dumbleton, Warsaw

Very Friendly! I enjoyed it because Kevin was really nice and he helped me relax. My View & Choose was great because they provided me with all the info I needed & even gave MORE! They were also nice and patient. ~Stephanie Ames, Warsaw

Amazing! I've had pictures done here before and I always love the way they turn out. I saw so many more choices at Carlson's than anywhere else! They made me feel comfortable and were very nice! Of course they were
helpful! Outstanding prices! ~Kristin Atkinson, Warsaw

Unforgettable! Good value and price! Very helpful staff! ~Monique Brairton, Pavilion

QUALITY! ~Tori Meidenbauer, Pavilion

I heard great things about Carlson's and after the session I was convinced! I liked all the variety of props and backgrounds but I really loved the natural backgrounds the best. It was fun and relaxing! The View & Choose selection process was great, they were really helpful! ~Samantha Myers, Perry

Carlson's has outstanding pictures and the staff was friendly. I liked the outside, and there were a lot of cool props like the chairs and lockers! ~Amber Pehrson, Batavia

Carlson's is very comfortable and they have many options
for your pictures. I enjoyed everything because they were all different and creative. The portrait offerings were so varied and there were many options to choose from for your money. My session was exciting! He made me feel comfortable, since I was nervous in the beginning. You can tell they are passionate about what they do! ~Justine Fitch, Perry